Rail to Rail


  • Data Analytics
  • Information architect
  • Prototyping
Software and Methot
  • Hotjar
  • Google Analytics
  • Affinity Designer
  • Pen and Paper
  • Sketch
  • InVision
  • Interviews and Testing

Homepage Redesign to reduce the time for costumer find the product they need

The costumers from Rail to Rail have been losing more time to find the product they like or spending more time to found something different and buy.

They don’t have been finding some new products in the store have and some new brands.

Re-organize a clean and simple homepage with the right functionality and easy to find the top searching products or brands or find new trend products.

Getting some new facelift to make costumers feel more confidente in buy on our store.


This is a big part in comparing our project with similars and check what they have done to be what can work better on ours, or some implementatios we can add to make a better place to sell.

Looking around the most impressed ecommerce websites and checking ideias from other websites make my ideia close to the point where I explect.

Client requirements
  • Selling the top stock itens
  • Selling new itens
  • Selling wetsuits
Google Analytics
  • Clients love Wetsuits
  • Not much attention on SALE secction
  • Getting more visitor from other coutrys
  • Bigger and more images?
  • Center more information on first spash screen?
  • Use one line of menu with everything?
  • Better filter on category page?
  • Buttons with different color with ocean taste?
  • Using reviews on product page?
  • Visitors jump to Menu and Wetsuits
  • Some clickes on Big images
  • No much visitor on bottuns websites
  • No much clickes on products on Homepage

Easy to check, easy to buy

Points in consideration to selling better a product

  • Great image
  • Good description
  • Buttons to buy and with quantity easy to change
  • Product size table